The History

In 1858, Johannes Baer at the age of 30 years opened his first watch store. The 1828-born clockmaker lays the foundation for the long success history of the brand GEBRÜDER BAER in the coming years and decades.

At this time, wristwatches did not already exist. The work of the watchmakers in the 19th century turned primarily to the development, manufacture and maintenance of big wall clocks and pocket watches.

Not before the miniaturization of the movement at the turn of the 20th century, was it possible to manufacture watches in bracelet size.

In 1950, the brothers John and Leo Baer open a multi-story jewelry store in the shopping arcade of Zeil in Frankfurt am Main.

Both brothers have inherited the passion for watches from the grandfather Johannes Baer and their father Oscar Baer. Oscar Baer worked as a watchmaker and goldsmith with his own shop in the lower Silesian Bunzlau and as a jeweler for the count of Solms.

Decades of experience and competence led to the emergence of the first pocket and wrist watches under the brand name GEBRÜDER BAER.

The company and the brand were successfully continued and developed further by John and Leo Baer until 1979.

In 2005, Joachim Baer, the grandson of Oscar and son of Hermann Baer, makes it to the task to re-establish the traditional brand GEBRÜDER BAER and begins with the development of new concepts.

After careful planning and preparation time, the relaunch of the brand GEBRÜDER BAER finally is completed in 2015 and the production of the first watch models in the Thuringian Ruhla begins.

The Collection


The Manufactory

Join us on a journey through time. Ruhla was first mentioned in the year 1355.

The so-called "clock city", located in the heart of the Thuringian forest, evolved into one of the most important places of the German watchmaking industry in the 19th century.

Global exports made the small village an internationally renowned and valued supplier for first-class watches.

In 2005, Ruhla celebrated the 650th anniversary!

And even today, Ruhla is all about the production of quality watches and precision tools from highly specialized small and medium-sized enterprises.

Accurate to the second!

Our expertise and attention to detail, make watches from GEBRÜDER BAER into something very special. Small masterpieces are created in the hands of our highly qualified watchmakers. Exceptionally, fine, noble and wealthy.

Building bridges between clear, timeless shapes and classic, elegant appearance is the main focus in the design concept of our watches. Historically inspired, newly interpreted.

Our clockworks range from extravagant automatic calibres, to ultra precise quartz movements.

Time never stands still, but the BAER family has remained true to its roots and still is a guarantor for stunning quality and movements from Germany with absolute excellence.

The traditional art of watchmaking is the core competence of GEBRÜDER BAER since 1858 and also in the new millennium, our elegant timepieces proudly wear the internationally renowned quality attribute "Made in Germany".